Spring Yard Clean-up

Spring is in the air, so it’s time to get the yard cleaned up. March is a good time to do a little early spring maintenance now to get your yard ready for the growth spurt to come.

1. Remove Yard Debris

Once the snow is all gone, you’ll likely need to go around your yard and pick up litter, dog waste, and larger plant debris like fallen branches. Remove any dead trees and plants. Empty any potted plants that didn't make it through the winter or that you might have forgotten to pull out in the fall, getting leaves and trash off of grass is essential for the grass to breathe.

2. Clean Up Around Plant Beds

It is essential to clean these beds after winter to ensure that the garden bed and the plants in it are ready for the growing season during spring. Any weeds that are present in the garden bed, need to be removed before planting new plants or transplanting old plants to provide enough space and nutrients for the new additions.

3. Mulching

Mulching is a fundamental part of gardening for plants to look beautiful and productive through the year. Mulch reduces weeds, conserves soil moisture, and minimizes soil erosion. Mulch acts as a vapor barrier to prevent rapid evaporation of water from the soil, which is especially useful in areas prone to drought.

After you’ve cleaned up your yard from dead limbs, weeds and waste, you should know how to properly dispose of the mess. Detroit Junk Busters can provide you with a small dumpster for your yard waste, we can also provide you with our Junk removal services.

We offer soft, driveway friendly, rubber wheeled trailer dumpsters and roll off dumpsters for your convenience. Let our seasoned professionals help you determine which dumpster is the best one for your needs by calling Detroits trusted waste experts today.

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