Nov 1, 2022
Why Should You Recycle Old Tires? 

Tires release plenty of toxic gasses when burned. Old tires cause environmental damage over time. Thousands of old tires are recycled every year in the United States. Tires need to be recycled in order to reduce environmental damage. Make sure to find a tire recycler in your area so you can get rid of them in the proper way.

Benefits of tire recycling

Tires take up lots of space in landfills. Recycling plays an active role in creating a greener future for the children. By recycling we are also helping the environment in several other ways. Recycling saves impressive amounts of energy, which ultimately reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Lets care about environmental pollution, threats to marine life, global warming, and many more issues that arise from landfills. So, to avoid these, it seems like a good idea to recycle.

Find a Creative Use for Old Tires

If you decide to keep them remember, you can repurpose old tires at home by getting creative. Here are some ideas.

Turn a tire into,

Tire Swings
Tire Chair
End Tables
Yard Art

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