Looking To Rent an Equipter?

If your in need of an equipter rental you have found the right place. We offer Equipter RB model 4000 rentals.

How much weight can the Equipter hold?

The Equipter has a 4000 lb weight capacity with a bed size of about 4 cubic yards. 104"x64"x29"

Benefits of renting an Equipter?

Equipter prevents damage to your property, this machine can move around your house, collect debris from your roof before it reaches the ground, while at the same time, leaving no ruts on your landscaping. The Equipter has big tires and evenly distributes weight to minimize lawn imprints. With the Equipter, the remodeling and roofing debris is already cleaned up and ready to dump.

Equipter Saves time.

Rather than throwing shingles and other roofing material on the ground during the tear-off process, your team can lift the Equipter to roof height and throw materials into the trailer, it can be driven on sidewalks and driveways and fit into alleyways, saving your freshly manicured lawn.

How high does the Equipter go?

The Equipter 4000's 12-foot lift does the heavy lifting for you. Whether you're lifting materials to the roof or lowering two tons of shingle debris to the ground, this roofing equipment improves your efficiency and maintains a much cleaner job site.

Schedule your pick up or delivery. Receive your Equipter RB4000

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