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Make Your Fall Clean-Out Easy with Detroit Junk Busters

Fall is here which means many people are probably gearing up for a big fall clean- up. Fall is a great time to get your home in order and declutter before the holiday season. A dumpster can help you take care of your unwanted junk.

1.Benefits of Renting a Dumpster for Fall Clean-Up Projects

There are many benefits to renting a dumpster for fall clean-up. Whether you need it to clean your house or any other project, you won't regret renting a dumpster from Detroit Junk Busters.

2.Pick-up leaves

Cleaning your lawn of leaves and sticks will prevent heavy, wet foliage from suffocating the turf. Although colorful leaves may look pretty, dark, moist environments are breeding grounds for potential disease on your lawn. Picking them up before winter hits will save you a disaster come spring!

3. Clean out the gutters

Not all fall cleanup is in the yard. This is the perfect time to clear leaves and other debris from rain gutters. Check for proper drainage, clear out any blockages with a small garden trowel, and rinse with a hose.

4. Mow and Trim the Lawn

Before the cold weather begins, it’s a good idea to give your yard one last mow. Keeping your grass short in the fall will help reduce disease development in the winter.

5.Clean and Cover Any Patio Furniture

Inclement weather can do a number on your outdoor furnishings, so wipe them down and store them. If you don’t have room in a shed or garage, then at least make sure to move any chair cushions inside and secure the remaining pieces under an outdoor furniture cover or tarp.

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