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Some times people try recycling cardboard and wonder how to dispose properly. Here is some information from the Detroit Junk Busters for cardboard recycling.

1. Do I Have to Break Down Boxes?

The first step in the cardboard recycling process is to break down the box. Flatten cardboard boxes as much as you can. Large corrugated cardboard boxes may be too large for recycling bins, and these can be cut into smaller pieces using a utility knife or scissors. This will conserve space in recycling containers and make them easier to transport.

2. Can cardboard be recycled if it gets wet?

Wet cardboard cannot be recycled. When cardboard gets wet, it compromises the fiber content. Even if it dries up, the cardboard typically stays brittle.

3. Can I recycle pizza boxes?

You shouldn’t throw used pizza boxes with oil stains and food remains into the recycling bin. Pizza boxes ruins the cardboard for recycling. It can also ruin the other items in your recycling bin by getting them dirty and greasy.

4. Does tape need to be removed from cardboard?

it’s helpful to remove tape from cardboard before putting it in the recycling bin but it's not usually necessary unless your specific region requires it. As part of the recycling process, tape and labels are typically removed at the recycling facility. However, please remember to remove any items, such as polypropylene ties, bubble wrap or any foreign items included within the packaging.

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